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Default I'm sick of Apple...get a Zen?

Yea, so, as an avid art enthusiast, I've been an Apple fan for the past 2 years. Bought myself a Mac and learned OSX pretty much overnight (not that hard), and, since I like music, got myself about 3 different iPods over the course of 2 years(currently have a Gen 2 nano).

But now I'm just SICK OF APPLE!! Their company policies, treating their customers like COMPLETE RETARDS, over simplifying EVERYTHING, its DRIVING ME NUTS!! I feel myself getting stupider everytime I boot up OSX or use my iPod. Not to mention everythings so damn limiting and resrictive. I cant upgrade my Mac, I cant use anything (well) besides an iPod, I feel like Apples bitch!!

SO yea, I was considering a Zune (and a PC for college), I tried out the Zune interface and really liked it, but I didnt hear the sound quality. I just read a thread in the Zune section of the forums here that its pretty bad though. Thing is, idk if I'd even tell, cuz I use ghetto $20 Skullcandy buds.

My friend has a ZVM, and I really like it, but im not a fan of touch controls (Nano click wheel took care of that pretty quick), and I was considering the Zune because of its all tactile control, but if the ZVM has infinetly better sound quality, to the point where id notice it through $20 buds, then I might consider otherwise

So please, help a man out here leave his Apple crutch behind him, what should I do?
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