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Smile Blank menus on a c140... we broked it :)

My husband has a spare Sansa that he, uh, broke a few months ago. I'd love to get it working again for him so he can have a player for when he drums, and then he can just leave his other one in the car

He's not the most computer literate guy out there at times, and he's really into saving space and deleting unnecessary [usually temporary] files. So... a few days after he got the c140, he was checking out what files were on it and decided to delete stuff that "didn't look important" so he'd have more room on the player. hehehe. This includes:
- images folder content
- entire record folder
- a txt ["or something like that"] file in the music folder
- any other poor txt "or something like that" files along the way

So.... the player is proooobably quite broken now. But when we turn it on, it actually looks normal, except that there's no text. It looks like menus might work. I can't remember, does this model have a format option? If I could somehow find it, could it be fixed? If so, I'd reeeeeally appreciate if someone here had one and could kind of walk me through finding it [like, click down three times, then ok, then down four times...heh]

Oh yeah. I tried the Connect Recovery Tool, but it said, "sorry, we were unable to recover your Sansa device," then gives a phone number. I have a slight phone phobia though, so I came here instead Did it not work because it has to be in MSC mode or whatever that is?

Thank you for your time
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