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Default YP-Z5 does not connect to Mac


Posted a similar comment to this other Mac thread a bit down the page.

Well, my YP-Z5 does not appear on my screen as a removable disk. Thus I can't access it, copy new music to it or pictures or whatever.

Here is what happens: After connecting it says "connected" on the display and that's about it. Only hint of a YP-Z5 can be found in System Profiler under the USB tab ...

- YP-Z5 AS/ELS is the model description on the back
- 2.47 US is its firmware (tried 2.46, 2.48 ...)
- UMS activated
- reseted manually and via its software
- deleted all its contents and formatted it under Windows in FAT32

Oh and something else. As soon as I hook it up with my Mac, the CPU usage increases to about half of its maximum ... but only red bars appear, which stands for system processes using the CPU ... nothing user-related therefore.

Dunno what else I can do. Does anyone get the same problems with his / her YP-Z5? I'm seriously considering buying an iPod Nano 2g 4GB. Had nothing but trouble with Samsung's contender ... ^^
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I had some trouble with my MacBook and my Z5 a while back.
Connecting a USB hard-drive at the same time solved my problems
and caused the Z5 to be recognized properly again.
Don't know why, but I hope this works for you too.
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You are the man! Damn! It's been quite a search so far to even get it to work and your solution was just right. I couldn't believe it ...!

Well, I've been talking to some Mac dudes who told me that the roots of my problem might come with Mac's "OS 10.4.9" - the most recent update for Mac OS on And as far as I recall, the issue first appeared AFTER I had installed 10.4.9 ... opens some room for speculation there!

Anywhoo ... will keep trying to figure out how to get my MP3 player to work the way I want it ... ^^
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when i got my z5, it stated somewhere on the box that it was not mac compatible and that it would (before firmware updates because available etc) only support windows media 10 or above. or try downloading mac edition windows media player and see if that recognises it.
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Just to give you people a hint on how good Mac OS 10.4.10 is ... the issue is NOT resolved, even though the change log clearly states that fixes with USB device recognition would come along with the recently released update.

So far ...
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Default Same thing with Samsung T10

I hope You can help me out on this one. I got the same problem using the Samsung T10. It shows as "T10" in the OSX hardware monitor, so it IS reconised, but not shown on th desktop or finder. The USB HDD trick does not work. I'm running on Leopard by the way. Any more tips?
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Did anyone figure a solution to this? I went Mac last year and the only reason I use PC is for the MP3 player due to the above
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