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Default connect hacking

Since Sandisk released some tools for recovery, I have been trying to figure out what these tools do. Here are some things I have discovered:

There are references to the following files:

DefaultFirmwareImageName: vmlinux.srr.e
This is the linux kernel, which is quite standard in a linux system. The .e extension probably means it is encrypted.

DefaultPlatformImageName: ZAP.tar.gz.e
These are probably the userspace utilities (i.e the user interface)

DefaultFileSystemImageName: initrd.srr.e
This is what is loaded into memory when you press power, it probably has an image which loads the user interface right along with runtimes, without having to load them one by one.

DefaultPlatformSignatureImageName: ZAP.tar.gz.sig
Some signature, perhaps a checksum to make sure the images are not corrupted.

under C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Connect Device Recovery\cmdline
zsi_fw.exe can be used to read/write the firmware from the device:
ex: zsi_fw -r 512 file.bin
would download 512 bytes from the device when it is plugged in. Likewise, the -w would write it
Also, the recover program refers to:
zsi_fw -w vmlinux initrd
Which is called directly by the recovery program to update firmware.
zsi_fw -r 32
reads the device version

zaprecover.exe is used to load a recover image apparantly.
ex: zaprecover.exe -f recovery.bin would send the image to the player. It accepts encrypted/unencrypted images.

If someone with a connect could run via console:
C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Connect Device Recovery\cmdline\zsi_fw -r 512 file.bin
and send file.bin, it will help people determine if device firmware can be read directly from the device.

If you have any info about the device, feel free to contribute
Sandisk Sansa e200 v1 w/Rockbox
Microsoft Zune 30 GB v2.3 Firmware

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