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Default T10 2GB UMS Conversion?

I'm not as cutting edge as some of you users out there, so bare with me please.
I currently use an 895 with 512 memory (had it for a couple years now). This has for the most part worked fine for me as 99 percent of my listening is audiobooks. Maybe it's my memory in the last year or two, but I used to be much more on the ball about deleting old chapters and adding new ones, but much of the time anymore I find myself hitting the end of my files, and not having anything else to listen to until I'm able to get to my computer to (re)fill. So I'd like to go to a larger capacity unit to hold more books. I can't see going with a 1 gig model with the small price gap to a 2 gig player so that's my reason for looking at the 2 gig version.

From doing some reading around, it appears that the newer iriver players tie into Windows Media Player 11 and force you to use that interface to transfer files. However, I have no want to use/install it on any of my computers and put up with the potential headaches associated with more bloatware. My computers run stripped down versions of XP that don't install any software like WMP and I don't plan on bogging them down now.

Iriver has a conversion utility that will allow T10s to be converted to UMS, but the instructions note that the program will not work on the 2 gig model, "however" the European models are supposed to support UMS (whether this is out of the box or by firmware mod I don't know).

So, after all my typing....does anyone know if the US T10 2G can be converted to UMS? If not, anyone know of a on-line source for the purchase of the European model? I like the simple set-up of Iriver players and really would like to keep a style similar to what I have now, but with more room. I guess I can ask here in the Forums for advice on a different makers player if I have to.

Thanks for any help. I just joined up here and hope to do some reading up as I have time. I'm looking forward to doing so, but there just seems to be soooo much information to dig into for someone with "simpler" expectations than you all have. I will say though, that the Clix that I saw while on the Iriver website does look very nice. If I actually had a use for something like that it'd be a fun toy to have.
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