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Default Anyone Previously Own a E200 Series Prior To Connect

I tired to get some input from the general forums but I only got two responses. I have an e270 under and extended warranty through CircuitCity. It went south and I will be getting enough back to buy the e280 or the Connect. I have been happy with my 270 until it went south. Anyone here previously own an e200 series and upgrade to the Connect. I was thinking about the 280 or the Connect. I know the Connect has wifi and only comes in 4gb. I also know it does not do video. Just looking for some thoughts.
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Connect isn't really worthwhile unless you're also going to buy the subscription to Yahoo Music, because without that, it's essentially a 4GB standalone player that also plays a handful of internet radio streams. With that subscription, however, it's a really nice little player.
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unortuntely thats the truth. I switched to The Connect from an e250, without realizing it didn't have the FM radio function. The wi-fi is a little sketchy, but still the best feature. There are a lot of reasons i wish i had my e250 back.
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Default E250 to a Connect

I also had an e250 that went south and replaced it with a Connect. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. By the way, it DOES do video if you apply the last upgrade from Sansa. I agree that the Yahoo! Unlimited Music Service makes it much more enjoyable. From what I've heard, the switch to Rhapsody is supposed to be painless and the new service is quite good. However, before I decided on the Connect, I'd explore some of the other new players that Sansa has introduced recently and compare their features. I'd also look at the non-Sansa offerings as well. The digital music player technology scene is always in motion.
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Yes, if you're not going to use the Yahoo! Music function do not buy this device! HOWEVER!! Yahoo! Music Unlimited, the same service that the connect uses will be terminated sometime this year (soon, but I don't feel like Googling for concrete dates). People that subscribe to the Yahoo! Music Unl. will be transferred to Rhapsody, which according to a news feed I read, will not be compatible with the Connect. I think the link to that article is somewhere on one of the recent threads in this forum. So, bottom line, Yahoo! will be terminated, and will render the WiFi functionality on the Connect virtually useless (except for Internet Radio, Flickr Photos, and the very limited functionality of Yahoo! Messenger). I am not a current subscriber of Yahoo! Music Unl., I was planning to upon receiving my Connect Christmas 2007, but I never went through with it. I stock up my Connect via Rhapsody, which I had a current subscription to with the rest of the family's e200's. It works flawlessly, lets just hope they integrate the WiFi functionality in the Connect with Rhapsody. And as an added note, the speaker function is quite useful, I use it a lot when sharing music with friends.
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