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Default Automatic Sansa Recovery

I take no responsibility for the usefulness of this program or what can possibly happen to the player if something goes wrong but I used WinZip self extractor and made a Sansa recovery program all you do is run it and it copies the appropriate files to the 16MB-FORMAT this will help if you get the load main image failed please switch to recovery mode but read the instructions first

To use this you put your player in recovery mode
To put in recovery mode
1. Turn player off
2. Put the hold switch on
3. Hold record and plug in USB cable
To run program
1. Download the file here
2. Run it
3. Select 16MB-FORMAT
3. Click unzip
4. Unplug Sansa E200 series
5. Turn hold off
6. Wait for it to reboot
7. Reload tunes

You can follow the same directions for the R series now too
Do the same as above only get the program for the "R" series here
Now you can remove the hebrew firmware with the Sansa recovery tool too
Just download this file
Boot into recovery mode
Run the program being sure to select the 16MB-PARTITION as the drive to copy files too
Safe remove the player after running the program
Turn off hold
Unplug and wait for it to reboot

If you want to just format the player without having to downgrade the firmware use this.
Switch to recovery mode and copy this file to it
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