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Default The T9 FAQ and Resources Thread

I have been playing with the T9 for a little over a month now and got familiar with it so I hope this faq will be a helpful. If anyone has something to add, add it to this post ^^.

Q: how do i obtain the latest firmware for UMS ?

A: you can use the direct download link below
thank you to SyntaxErrorX for uploading the ums firmware ^^

version 1.80 UMS and Games.

Q: why do i want UMS firmware ?

A: it allows your player to be used on all operating systems that support usb mass storage and will allow you to use ogg audio

Q: i want the latest US MTP firmware, how do i get it ?

A: you can use the direct download link below
thank you to rapsuperstar and t-nine for links to the mtp firmware ^^

version 1.68 MTP

Q: i need help updating my firmware?


Q: how do I get ogg to work on the T9 ?

A: ogg only works using the UMS firmware

Q: what audio formats does the T9 support?

A: MP3 (8kbps up to 320kbps with a max of 48Khz), WMA (8kbps up to 320kbps with a max of 48Khz), and OGG (Q 1 up to 10)

Q: what kind of sound enhancements does the T9 have

A: DNSE and a 9 band user EQ

Q: how powerful is the audio output on the T9 ?

A: 20 mA at 16 ohms

Q: what video format and size does the T9 use?

A: svi format (Samsung container format for mpeg 4) with a resolution of 208x176 at 15fps and audio of 44.1 khz at 128 kbps

Q: how do i convert video for my T9 ?

A: use the Samsung media studio it can be found at the link below
Samsung Media Studio

Q: how can i get a copy of my user manual ?

A: the link below contains the user manual and firmware for 1.67 MTP US

Manual and Firmware

Q: what is the native resolution of the LCD on the T9

A: 176x220 using 262k color depth

Q: what kind of image files does the T9 support

A: Progressive and Sequential Jpeg up to 3MB in file size

Q: what kind of text files does the T9 support

A: standard .txt files with no special formatting

Q: what is the battery life of the t9 ?

A: depending on usage amounts of LCD it is about 25-30 hours for audio

Q: does the T9 support otg play lists ?

A: yes

Q: how do i use the otg play list ?

A: select the song in list view or in the file view and select the menu button, then select add to favorites

Q: how do i remove a song from the favorite play list ?

A:find the song the same way it was added, select menu, select remove from favorites

Q: does the T9 support otg file purge ?

A: yes

Q: my music library doesn't show new content, but the file browser menu shows it when using UMS, how do i fix this ?

A: in the settings > system menu use the option called library update

Q: can i over charge my unit ?

A: very unlikely, but to be safe do not keep unit plugged into a usb port for more than 12 hours

Q: does the battery suffer from memory effects from being charged often

A: no, Lithium ion battery chemistry will not gain a memory effect, but as with any battery a limited amount of charge cycles exists.

Q: is the battery user replaceable ?

A: no

Q: Is a Rockbox effort in the way for the t9?

A: yes, thank you t-nine for the link

This is a work in progress. Thanks to anyone who supplies additional information. Posts in this thread will be removed and the information added to the FAQ. Collecting the information makes it easier locate and keeps the thread tidy.

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