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Default Thinking about buying , BUT...

Hello All, I too am thinking about getting this player, I know this may sound weird, but the main "competition" is a ZVM.
I know they sound totally different types of players (30 GB vs 4GB)
But i figured that with a SD card, i could get to 12. Which is what i actually need. They are both pocket devices,which have good sound quality,that have tv-out. Thats the thing that really gets me going, a way to see all those "The Daily Show" and Lost on my TV, easily and cheaply.

The real pros for the D2:
Its smaller (fits nicely in your pocket - the ZVM will fit in your pocket but you'll really feel it in there.)
File/Folder browsing (I hate Id3....)
UMS ( i have windows 2000 on my laptop, even though i have access to an XP too)
support for HEBREW!! Hurrah.

There is only one conbesides the price tag)
(If i understood correctly, I dont understand this video stuff too much)
That the video quality which is good enough for the screen is too low for good tv-out. Even though there shouldnt be any reason to limit it if its going to the TV.
Also, it looks like i will need to transcode the files i download into the specific format the D2 needs.
Are these assumptions true?Is it also true that these problems wont be there on a ZVM? Is this something that will be addressed ina a future firmware update for the D2? Since it seems that its a firmware issue.

Any thoughts anyone?
Also i saw someone who said that he can put hebrew on any DAP. I think his name was Yishai. I looked in your site but couldnt find where it is. Can you put hebrew on a ZVM?

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