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Talking Talk me into buying a Vision:W, guys!

Hi there! I've been researching my little heart out, and finally decided (like so many others) that it is a tie between Vision M or W as to what I should get. I currently have a Zen Micro (NOT micro photo ), but due to the headphone jack problem that struck me, I can no longer tolerate it...aaaanyway, I was hoping you could help me clear up a few things and decide!

See, I'm getting started as a photographer in my area. I have no laptop, and memory card space is a problem for me at big events like weddings. I think the <strong>idea of the W having a CF slot is <em>fantastic</em></strong>- I could take it with me and use it as a temporary memory drive! However, I also need a Mp3 player that I can use while working my other job: on a farm; which requires LOTS of movement. I've been briefed about the dangers of running (oh, yes, I want to take my player running from time to time) with a HD-based player...does the increased size of the W make it more suseptable to HD damage from momement compared to the M?

I would love to have the best of both worlds, and I'm prepared to find a way to carry around the W instead of the smaller M (fanny-pack, anyone? ), but I want assurance that my hundreds of dollars will not go down the drain.

On another note, where did you get your M or W? Know of a cheap/realiable place? (I know, I know: Amazon or Ebay lol) Oh, and when did these players respecively get released? Do you know of any coming newer models that may make the price on these drop?


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