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Default Some Questions on the D2

Hello all, got some somewhat noobish questions to ask. Please bear with me.

1.) Exactly how does the shuffle system work? Can't find any exact answers, though I may not be searching hard enough. Can I shuffle from different folders? How does the shuffle all feature work, does it just randomly pick from all the music files? Can I shuffle from a folder, and have songs from all the folders in that folder play effectively? I also hear that there is problem with shuffle all of repeating songs, probably caused by it playing songs you listen to more more often, can I turn off that feature from the shuffle(A play more listened to thing). I am assuming it picks it on the fly, it doesn't set up a list of the songs, then play them(Like say, the ipod).

2.) How does the playlist thing work? I hear its rather bad, can I get the same use of it from just having separate folders(Though, this increases the likelyhood of shuffle replaying them, I assume) in place of playlists?

3.) Is it worth waiting for news of the D3, or should I go ahead and get a D2? I hear its getting smaller, will this lessen screen size/battery life in any major way? Should I just go ahead and buy a D2, or wait for a D3?

4.) If possible, can I get some recommended head phones to go with it? Just broke mine, so I need to get a new one. Do certain headphones use the FM radio differently(I intend to use that, so yea. That is used via the headphones correct?)

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