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Old 04-09-2007, 05:20 AM
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Default RMAA comparison: 1.02.15P vs patched RB (cpchan's compile)


Check for latest results from cpchan's 1th june build. Original audio performance reached!


Here's a RMAA comparison of the original firmware and patched rockbox build from cpchan (link to thread).


The frequency response chart confirms my listening impressions of tinny sound. Also note the higher distortion in THD test. Noise results are well below what Sansa is capable of (-85 to -90dB based on prev. testing), but this is intentional as output levels were kept low to guarantee no clipping occured. I didn't have the time to hunt optimal settings for rockbox. Dithering option was enabled in RB (weird and extremely bad results with the option disabled).

In case someone was wondering, you can play standard .wav files in original firmware if you put them in the record\voice directory.

To developers, you can use RMAA to find these kind of great differences with just about any sound card, no need to invest in a pricier card.

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