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Default Multiple Theme Switcher

I coded a multiple firmware bootloader based on the Rockbox bootloader. It currently allows you to boot up to 6 different themes or 5 plus Rockbox. It works with or without Rockbox. I have tested it on my own e260 and all of the functions seem to work perfectly. You can view instructions and download it at

Updated version: 2.0-2007-07-28

Make sure you have the correct .bin files containing versions of the OF in place before rebooting. Without these, you lose USB support and must reinstall the OF in recovery mode. They must be named as F[0..5].bin

This MultiBL does not, and cannot use sansapatcher. sansapatcher is currently the official rockbox method for bootloader installation, and installs the bootloader and firmware on the bootloader partition. sansapatcher does not use the older OF.bin method. The sansapatcher method does not work with the MultiBL due to the limited size of the firmware partition. Though this does not pose big problems, care should be exercised when formatting the player or replacing firmware images because if the BIN files get deleted, you lose USB support and must use recovery mode to fix your player.

Note: The bootloader can boot either MI4 or BIN files. BIN boots 3-4 times faster, but MI4 doesn't require decryption with mi4code. I recommend the BIN installation, but if that is over your head there is an MI4 installation you can use.

Go to the Website for complete instructions and a download link. I don't have time to copy and re-edit all of them.

Button Assignments for Booting:
  • Default (no button): /System/F0.bin OR Rockbox
  • Select (center): /System/F1.bin OR Rockbox
  • Up: /System/F2.bin
  • Right: /System/F3.bin
  • Down: /System/F4.bin
  • Left: /System/F5.bin
  • Rec: Dump Hidden Partition (for recovery) (used to be up before MultiBL)

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