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Default white or black?

white: in the pictures it looks almost silver, which (in my opinion) makes it look more expensive/luxurious. based on reviews, the d2 doesn't scratch very easily so the white/silver color wont be ruined after a short while by scratches and nicks. however, if it is more of a silver color than a white color... it sort of makes it look like a digital camera, which i sort of dont like. :/

black: it looks good, but the black frame makes it looks less "nice" i think.. i would rather have a single-color mp3 player rather than a black and silver one. however the black looks like it would hide scratches.

im going to get a d2 in the next couple days, im just really trying to pick a color. im really leaning towards the white, but im just wondering if the white d2's are really white, or if they're more of a silver. i cant choose!
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The black frame is less distracting while watching videos... Furthermore, black gadgets look more "professional" in general, IMO.
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Black. It deffinately looks better, IMO.
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newegg has the white 4gb for $195 includes shipping..i think it was an introductory price but it beats $219 at black in stock
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Old 04-11-2009, 10:13 AM
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Black is much better !! I suggest black color to everyone. Including black D2+. Black is nice.Black is cool. Back in black !!
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well if you can't decide, get a white one. You can always paint it black. LOL
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LOL, 2 year old thread resurrection xD

I think he alrady took a decision a long time ago . . . .
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