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Question Several questions

I am a Mac user, and has been thinking about getting a D2. But I have several concerns for getting this instead of a nano.

1) How big is it compared to a nano? I don't want to carry a huge thing around because I dont really use video that much.

2) Does it have any language support apart from English and Korean? Like, does it support Unicode fonts? I have a lot of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean songs and they display nicely on my ipod. So I hope it'll be the same for D2.

3) Can I use Itunes with D2. I have some playlists on ITunes which I really want to transfer directly to the player. I dont have music from the apple store though.

4) Although i dont use video that much, it'd still be nice to know if it's hard to get videos into D2 from a Mac, how does that work?

I know these are trivial issues compared to all the fantastic features bundled with the D2, and i'm honestly sick of ipod's battery life and no-frills approach.
So please help me out and convince me to get a D2.
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1. It's smaller than a regular credit card, just thicker and heavier.
2. Probably does support Asian languages since it's made by a Korean company.
3. If your music on iTunes is from downloading mp3s on the internet and not iTunes or Napster, or etc. directly, then you should be able to transfer unless you converted it to AAC.
4. If you have .avi movies then you can just drag and drop. I don't believe .MOV is supported on D2 (not according to their tech specs site anyways).
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I have a Sansa e280 and I am getting ready to sell it, because I brought a Cowon D2.

The Cowon D2 is GREAT!!!

There still are some problems with the software (Play List), but with the latest firmware release things are really looking good.

Try the iAudiophile Forum. There are a lot more D2 users over there, than there are here:

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