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Question Problems playing Audible files

I currently have a Sansa e130 which is having problems playing Audible files. Sandisk replaced it, but the problems remain. The tech support guy told me that since it has been replaced already, he doesn't know what else to do except replace it with an m230, because I am the only one that has reported these issues.

I find it very hard to believe that I am the only one having these problems with the e130, since the same problems have occurred on two different units. I also see from postings in this forum that people have had similar problems with the m230, so I am not sure that taking them up on their replacement offer would help me either.

I asked Audible support whether they were aware of these issues, and they actually said "This is a known issue on this device and we have been attempting to work with Sandisk to resolve this issue."

I have told Sandisk these things, but they haven't responded yet. I'm starting to wonder if it's taking a long time for them to look into the problem or if I'm being ignored.

Are there any Sandisk MP3 players that actually work properly with Audible files? And has anyone been able to get this issue resolved satisfactorily with Sandisk?

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I finally got a reply from Sandisk. Apparently it took a few days because he was doing some more testing (which I appreciate and don't mind waiting for).

This is what was said:


Thank you for replying.

I did some more testing today (e100 with 1.0.010a). I used an Audible file, format 4, that was 5 hours and 12 minutes long (Ace on the River, by Barry Greenstein).

I tested the resume feature multiple times, both keeping the player on, and turning it off and back on. It always seemed to resume exactly where it was left off.

I also tested a second player and had the same results.

I really don't know why Audible is saying that, becuase if there was a known issue I would be aware of it. So i'm not sure if it's something on your end causing some type of issue, or if my testing isn't providing accurate results.

Regarding m200's, there is a small percentage of players that apparently begin 2 minutes ahead of where it left off. I have never experienced this on any of my players, but I've heard of a few customers that this happens to. I'm not sure what causes it or why only certain players do this."

So I'm still not sure what to do from here...
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