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Default Firmware Hopes

After a month with the Clix, I thought I'd post a few thoughts in the hope someone at iriver will take notice. The Clix is a nice device but there are a few things that could be fixed in the firmware.

1) Support ogg tags. The Clix plays oggs but can't read the artist/song information. The code for parsing this information can't be that complex. Even my old Samsung YP-MTZ could do this.

2) Lame MP3 encoding problems. If you use Lame and try the recommended settings of the audio gurus at, you'll find the Clix has trouble playing --vbr-new files (it can't figure out the correct song length). --vbr-old works but takes forever to encode. In addition, you must use the iso standard flag or the Clix *may* have trouble at the start of some songs (popping, clicking, etc). This is the only mp3 player I've used that exhibits this problem. Of course, give me ogg tag support and I won't use Lame. WMA is not an option for my ears.

3) Separate or remembered volume for videos. A few times I've blasted my ears because the audio volume of encoded movies is much lower than music. If you forget to lower the volume after playing a video, you're in trouble.

4) One-click operation when the screen is off. I'm not exactly sure how to handle this but the Clix actually takes two clicks to do something when the screen is off. The first click powers up the screen and the second executes the desired operation. Seems a little clumsy. Can't a single-click turn on the screen and perform the desired operation?

That pretty much sums it up. I'll become a Clix evangelist if these things (especially ogg tag support) are added to the firmware.
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