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Default F2 and iTunes? How?

Can't figure out how to get the F2 to show up in iTunes on my Mac. I know this sounds silly, but how do I put music on it? Thanks.
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Ok, so am I right in assuming that it can't be used in iTunes and that I have to make playlists in the folder in the iAudio disk image? That's so wack. Wish I had known before I bought this thing.
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You can't use iTunes with any player except an iPod. The Apple monoculture forces you to use an iPod, if you use iTunes.

Good thing all iAudio players ignore such deliberately crippled software - just drag and drop your audio files onto the F2 with "Explorer" (forgot what it's called on OSX).

You don't need playlists or anything - the F2 sorts the music the same way you have it on your computer's hard disk - in folders. So just make some folders on the F2, or drag some folders with music over to it.
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Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I figured it would have to work that way. Actually, there are players that work just like the iPod in iTunes. I have an old (2001) Creative mp3 player and a Rio Forge that work very well with iTunes, and even better than the iPod in some ways. This all applies to the Mac, though. Can't speak for PCs.That's why i'm disappointed, but I will make due, or return the F2.
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You can sync some players with Windows Media player or Media Monkey
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One good thing about iTunes is that you can drag songs onto folders and drives in Finder, and it will copy them.

So if you use iTunes to find music by artist, genre, playlist, etc., you can at least use that part of iTunes to select music, then copy to any mp3 player that mounts as an external drive.
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