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Default Most Comfortable $50 Headphones

I do care about sound quality. Honest. But as someone who would probably have my headphones on for hours on end, reading online reviews with complaints about comfort make me nervous about what otherwise sound like amazing deals (Audio technica Auth-M50s for instance).

I will be using this for listening to a very broad range of music, classical, heavy metal, rock, folk, etc. As well as plugging into my Fender amp for practicing. I absolutely do not care about noise cancelling. I mean that's a nice feature but if I can hear outside noise that's alright with me, I'm used to it with my earphones anyway. Similarly I don't really care if sound leaks out as long as the listening quality doesn't suffer.

$50 budget is mostly a guideline. But I won't go over $60 and I would like to go under $50 if I find a good deal.

Closed or open I don't care at all. Only guideline is that sound is decent, and they will be very comfortable, even if I wear them for 6 hours at a time.
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