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Old 03-07-2007, 07:13 PM
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Exclamation Zen Vision:M Not Responding SOLUTION! to No Charge, Device Not Connected or Recognize

Bought one - was ready to return it today - but, found the solution that many are looking for!

This is long - but it's descriptive of what you may have experienced (like me) and how to resolve your issues relating to:
*Device Not Connected, *Device Not Recognized, *No Power, *Black Screen, *Won't Turn On, "Wont Power Up", "Won't Charge", "USB doesnt appear to be charging"..."WINDOWS PORTABLE DEVICES", "OTHER DEVICES" etc.

************************************************** ***********************
My orig. email to Customer Support:
Just bought, charged 6 hours as advised using the USB (only way to charge it). First, the battery image is not always visible even though the blue light flashes; 2nd indicator only shows a very small charge (even though it's been plugged into a non-hibernating computer for 6 hrs). Have tried powering up without and with the cable attached. Have tried resetting numerous times. Once, I was able to see a pre-loaded song come up but then it went away. I'm a software OLH dev. by profession and usually good w/ gadgets but this has me ready to return it tomorrow if I don't get some help on what needs to be performed to make it work.

What is the exact sequence for 'normal' operation?
I've seen varying steps throughout this site and other help sites; none seem to work.
Example: 1]Charge 6 hrs, 2]unplug cable? (then) push power on button? or....2]Attempt powering on while still plugged in?
*what should be the result when you slide the power on? (I'm seeing black screen).

*Can't push the reset button with sharp object while large USB piece is in place (however, one set of instructions said: plug in USB then, while plugged in - push the reset (impossible).

One thing I notice (while UNplugged from usb) when I slide the power button and hold it, the blue indicator light flashes 5 times then stops. Upon release, no response.

*After attempting reset; no response on screen or with indicator light. Tried quick and also push/hold for 5 seconds release; nothing.

*Tried sliding power button again after non-responsive reset and again; nothing other than the indicator light flashes as I'm attempting power on slide.

Bought Daughter a video iPod, husband a Sansa, now trying Zen for me but no luck.

Please help; don't want to return it - but don't have another 48 hours to blow on trouble-shooting. Plan to return tomorrow after work if no luck.

************************************************** ***********************
Update: (got email back, but was not enough to resolve).
Finally realized I had 90 days of free support so I phoned just before packing it up. Phone customer support 1-405-742-6622.....VERY HELPFUL!

Here's the process from my experience:
1. Insert cd - load software.
2. Once complete, plug in Zen device. Verify that it's being recognized.
....*This is key!....because if it's not being recognized, your device will have the blue blinking light (as if it's charging) but will never charge!
3. My problem: I opened MY COMPUTER and could see the Zen Explorer at the base - but when opened it said:
Device is not connected.
4. Went to Programs > Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager button and looked for what help desk called: "Portable Devices" or "Other"
( but mine only showed an option called "System Devices" -- which is not the one you want)
5. Looked in the USB area -- but nothing relating to ZEN showed up there either.
6. Tech advised to make sure the laptop was plugged into wall power and that the device was plugged into the laptop (not a hub - or docking station port)....
7. Now, while we were talking -- all of a sudden I heard a beep such as what is heard when a flash drive gets plugged in.
My device mgr list was still open -- so, all of a sudden a big yellow question mark and "Other Devices" appeared with the
ZEN listed under it.

I told the tech that I'd had the device plugged in next to me all day as I worked and throughout the day -- on random occasion, I'd hear that beep sound as if I'd plugged in a flash memory stick -- but hadn't.....

Each time I heard the sound, I'd pause and watch for a bubble to pop up saying that it saw a new device - but nothing.

Also, each time, I'd look at the device for any change in activity -- but nothing.
Also, randomly throughout the day I'd see the device screen would light up & show "Creative" for just a second then disappear...with all the buttons on the front also lighting up as blue for just a second...then back to black.

8. Resolution! as soon as I saw the big yellow question mark light up within the DEVICE MGR "OTHER" area, I right
clicked on the ZEN > Properties > and clicked on the UPDATE DRIVERS button.

9. The wizard appeared - ready to look to my cd drive --- I put the ZEN install cd back into the drive and clicked NEXT on
the wizard to proceed. The driver was installed successfully.

My ? to him was WHY DIDNT THE DRIVERS INSTALL THE FIRST TIME I did the initial install? He sd: Win XP is supposed to have all the drivers and should always immediately recognize the device upon plug in -- but, depending upon which version of XP you have (with current updates) -- impacts whether you have that driver or not. In my case, I guess it was "not". So, by manually telling it to INSTALL DRIVER it went and manually grabbed a copy off of the cd.

Once I did that, the device was no longer listed in the OTHER area of DEVICE MANAGER...instead the mysterious item called:
"WINDOWS PORTABLE DEVICES" appeared at the bottom of the list with the (now gray iconed ZEN) (no longer yellow question mark).

10. Next, went to START > PROGRAMS > CREATIVE > CREATIVE MEDIA SOURCE - open it (took a few minutes to load) be patient.
once open, under SOURCES (top left window pane) I saw 3 things:

(but no ZEN)

11. Simply unplugged the USB cable from the laptop....counted to 5, plugged it back in...and within a few seconds the "CREATIVE ZEN VISION:M" became a "4th" option in that SOURCE list. (listed in the 2nd position alphabetically).

Now, I'm GOOD TO GO and the device screen is lit up and says: DOCKED with a big icon in the middle that you'll find in your user manual.
What a beautful sight. The LONG awaiting outcome.

The tech sd -- give it a bit to juice up and then, you can begin sending music over to it.

Other topics of conversation:

What's the difference in HD and FLASH devices?
HD - just like a PC (has a hard drive with moving parts that can be repaired, replaced, etc.)
-----is larger than the flash MP3s because of those moving parts.
-----must be more careful with it -- like you would with your PC or Laptop -- don't toss it around!
-----biggest advantage is you can store a massive amount of content (30GB, 80GB) whereas, flash MP3s are limited.
-----(if you have 30GB then, all 30 can be used just for music if you wish...or, you can use as much as you want in each of the areas: Photos, recordings, document storage, music, videos (up until you reach the max capacity). (it's NOT restricted to 10 music, 10 video 10 docs)
-----battery (can) be replaced. Based on my research, typical HD re-chargeable battery life is 1 to 1.5 yrs
of service; then, expect replacement.

-----First charge is the most important; I know you're dying to use it out of the box -- but it's in your batteries best interest (longevity) to get a full 6 hour charge before use.
I've had this one plugged in for about an hour and it already shows 50% green (50% complete)....(plugged in via USB)., you might get away with less time....but all documentation says 6 hours to be safe.

My box did not include a wall charger - just USB -- which is fine with me -- I'm always with a computer in hand or near-by - -even if on travel -- in hotels, airports, etc. In today's world, I figure they expected that -- which is probably why the AC/DC charger is optional and separate in most cases.
If you don't travel with a laptop - get a charger.

FLASH MPS - such as iPod, Sansa and the like have a much smaller capacity and no hard drive. If it stops working -- you are done. The entire device must be replaced. Same with battery; can't replace batteries
in today's flash devices noted above.

"I thought it must be charging if the blue indicator light is flashing within the on button well."
Nope, that's not the case. Apparently, the way it was designed, it's a combination of: connect via USB (plus) recognition of the device ='s charge capability.

So, in a nutshell:
Make sure you can see your device in device mgr (and) see it within the "CREATIVE MEDIA SOURCE" area to ensure
that you are getting that initial charge.

(the reason why mine was not, was because the driver that my laptop needed was on the disk and had to be manually brought over).

You know what they say about "assuming things"....
Creative should add the driver load to their initial load and have it skip that part if it sees that it's already on the consumer's computer. Instead, it sounds like they assume it's on all XP boxes and don't force the driver install.

This would probably save people a LOT OF HEADACHES and FRUSTRATION - because for me, it's the one tiny thing that kept me from operating --- and was within hours of returning the device to the store.
I'm glad I didnt now.
Funny, I read just this morning: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Hos 4:6
Guess that goes with this too.... CREATIVE IS LOSING BUSINESS because CONSUMERS ARENT EQUIPPED with the (extra needed knowledge) to get the device recognized and operational!

Now that it's recognized, I agree with all the positive tech write-ups: it's a beautiful video screen and already has my daughter wanting to "trade me" for her large iPod video device. Guess that's (one) iPod user that's wanting to convert over to Zen!
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