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Default Magnetic Clasp.

I recently swapped my spring loaded clip for a magnetic clasp on the back of my C2 DAP. I wanted the following benefits;

1) The flexability of placing the DAP anywhere on an item of clothing and not just at 'entry's like pockets or seams etc
2) to be able to change the orientation of the player easily, whereas previously before once the spring loaded clip is fastened onto the player it can only clip on it that direction.
3) to have a lower profile and more attractive 'table looking DAP'.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Here it is with just its backing.

And here with its opposing magnetic fastener that sits under the item of clothing.

Here it is attached on my hip. It is placed further in than the spring clip could reach, and was more comfortable when bending down etc.

This is a pic of the old large fugly clip (although it was sturdy). It was placed on a weird angle to accommodate its bend and also for the right orientation when fastned to body, but looked horrid and didn't sit on a table nicely.

And finally showing the two parts separated and also a spare set I have (you can see the sticky foam on the rear on the other set). This fits the length of a clip perfectly for those interested.

The magnetic force is more than adequate to keep my C2 in place (at least the same as the spring clip), it should be no problem for lighter DAPS. But i bought two pieces incase this wasn't the case and needed two fixed onto DAP.
90% of the time the rear fastener will reside in my pocket so if the player does come off i don't lose the metal magnetic fastener. If attaching to t-shirt and the player somehow comes off then you run the risk of losing the magnetic back piece.
Also, if attaching to t-shirts and finer garments the magnets will leave a permanent indentation.

But for those of you looking for greater freedom in clip+/zip placement this I would recommend, I can't see that thing coming off under any run/jog easily, not when you factor in the weight of the clips.
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