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Lightbulb Recommended Car Audio System Setup?

As the title says. I do hope I can get some advice here, especially since this is probably going to get pricey, relatively. I'd like a gradient of prices, but I don't even really know what my budget is until I get a range for this equipment. Nothing that's audiophile, but I want something that sounds much better than the average car listener is going to hear, ie stock sound and obnoxious blaring crap that I have listed below.

I have no real clue as to what I should get, what brands, what models, etc. Sans Bose, I'll just avoid it like the plague unless worthwise advised.

I do -hope- for a bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP goes along with 2.0 of course) dash player, but not sure how readily available and of what quality they are. It would be helpful if it could be removable.
A hard drive based player would be a bit much though, but something that can accept flash would be good.

I definitely don't want the farting bass from the ricers/low-riders/ghetto/DUB/etc crap. In fact, I'll try to avoid anything related to them even more so than Bose, since it's infectious and deadly like AIDs.

Something that sounds like the Vibes, fun to listen to and really brings out the individual voices and instruments, but I hope it doesn't accentuate the muddy and dirty sound of MP3s lower than 320k. I can tell the sound quality is pretty bad already on other phones, but the Vibes almost make me depressed since I like the music, but it sounds even more piss poor.

Not exactly sure if I'm going to need more than four speakers and a subwoofer, or exactly what I need.

One last thing: If possible, recommend nothing that appears too obviously ostentatious, lest I risk losing the recently invested advice...
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