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Default Thinking of buying a U2!


I've been looking into getting myself a DAP recently and after browsing around this site I'm thinking a 2Gb U2 is pretty much what I need. My priorities are sound quality (to drive Grado RS60s whenever I can get away with sound leakage), build quality (I hate putting money into something that feels cheap), and convenient navigation through the files. From what I read, the U2 is all that, plus I like its look, size, and the internal rechargeable battery. However before going for it I have a few questions...

First of all, here in Canada (Vancouver) I can get the U2 for $140, which is somewhat more than I initially wanted to spend. On the other hand I could get a Creative MuVo V100 for $100, or a Insignia NS-DA2G for $120,...etc. Not a major price difference in the grand scheme of things but I just want to make sure that the U2 will be worth the difference.

One other thing is that I read that the U2 does not support gapless playback. Are there other players that do, without going to something considerably more expensive?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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