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Old 02-10-2010, 01:18 PM
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Default Bug: Zune software won't clear disk space after deleting files from the Zune HD

The last few days I've been trying to find the best software/settings for encoding videos for the Zune HD. As a result, I've been repeatedly adding/removing videos from my ZHD.

After a video video file had finished encoding last night, I imported it into the Zune SW. When I tried to add it to the ZHD, I noticed that I only had about 1.5 gb of free space -- with 7.48 gb being taken from video files. Trouble was I only had about 4.5 gb of video on the player. I double checked all video files, then tried to remove and then re-add a couple of the videos. This just resulted in taking up even more space on the ZHD, to the point that the SW said the ZHD was full. I tried restarting the SW, then my computer, both attempts had no effect.

While my computer was rebooting, I checked the ZHD itself. It was reporting the correct storage space. After futilely trying to fix the problem without taking any major reset actions, I told the SW to "forget this player". This appeared to work (it reset showed the proper storage space), but when I added and then removed videos, same thing happened. The SW refused to clear the space after removing a video from the device.

I'm really at a loss. I'm afraid to take any major actions, like reinstalling the software because I just got the software to finally track my plays a couple of weeks ago after reading and following the directions on this thread on the forums. I'm afraid that if I mess with it too much it will get glitched again, and I might not be able to fix it.

Anyone have any ideas?

PS - Not sure if this is has anything to do with it or not, but the video I was trying to add to the SW when it appeared to stop working properly was a different version of a movie I already had in the SW (a smaller file I encoded for device playback rather than AV dock playback).

Zune Software Screenshot

EDIT: The problem appears to extend to adding/removing any media from the device. I just added a podcast, then removed it. The SW cleared the space properly at first, but when I restarted the SW, it reset the free space back to as if the podcast was still on the device.
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