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Default chrisjs branch

Download link:

Theme Downloads
Screen Dumps: Now Playing | Menu

Screen Dumps: Now Playing | Menu

Guess I'm following testdasi and cpchan in creating our own builds. I mostly used all the patches from each of those builds, plus a few of my own, so now everything's merged into one.

July 3 - Updated 6884 (Playlist Converter)
July 6 - Removed LCD Fade
July 8 - Changed Boot Logo
July 9 - Actually changed boot logo (conversion issues July 8), added custom patch (Boot logo fix)
July 10 - Added 7417 (Quick Menu)
July 12 - Added Recording Enhancement Pack (did anybody notice a change??)
July 13 - Added 4988 (backlight during plugins)
July 14 - Added 7432 (sncviewer) and 7379 (rockboy sound patch)
July 15 - Temporarily removed sncviewer due to compile issues, adding 7438 (LCD Fix). Please let me know how all the Sansas hold up to this patch, even ones without the two line pixels at the top. Added 7252 at request of eXozza
July 16 - Cleaned build. Updated/Added Scrolling margins. Updated BMP Resize (5697) and Pong Upgrades (5855)
July 17 - Removed Music LED (for reasons stated below) and added doom controls (was listed as added, but wasn't actually in the build)
July 18 - Added Alarm plugin (6044)
July 19 - Removed Alarm plugin (6044) due to compile errors (out of sync)
July 20 - Added Custom List/Menu (5899), Custom WPS Line (5900), Put ymargin into scrollinfo (6796), Allow up to 512 WPS images (7289), Multifont (4733)
July 21 - Removed Rockboy Sound patch (7379), Cleaned build, Added Wheel Acceleration (7451)
July 23 - Removed Wheel Acceleration (7451), Added Bookmark on idle/sleep poweroff (2720)
July 28 - Updated scrolling margins (2954), multifont (4733), ymargin in scrollinfo (6796), custom wps line (5900), added/updated sncviewer (7432), readded lcd fade (6800), added mpegplayer modifications (7487), cleaning build
July 29 - Updated Shutdown menu (6733)
July 31 - Added HTML parser (7114), favorites plugin (7486) and re-enabled sub-rip (7272). Please post comments on how subrip and the mpegplayer modifications work.
Aug 6 - Added Custom boot logo (7538) and Move database files (7539)
Aug 7 - Updated Custom boot logo (7538)
Aug 8 - Updated Custom boot logo (7538)
Aug 10 - I've been working on the dedicated site for this branch, which will officially be open in the next few days. I've added a few new patches and have been updated the current ones, and haven't had a chance to update this post. In addition to the patch updates, the dedicated site will also have it's own link to the build download, acting similar to a mirror. I've also created a script to allow users to download copies of the older builds, back to July 28 (I know that isn't too far, but a backup is generated every day). If you've already found the dedicated site, great, otherwise you'll have to wait a few more days. So far, I've only told two people, who are helping me get it ready.
Aug 15 - Site's public
Aug 17 - I'm going to be making a few changes to this post, mainly removing the patch list, since a more up to date version is on my site.

Included Patches
A list of included patches can be found at

Removed Patches
FS7451 - Wheel Acceleration - In SVN
FS6467 - Doom controls - Poor controls (from what I found)
FS2648 - Text Viewer Button Mods - Doesn't compile; made for iPod
FS7379 - Rockboy Sound - In SVN
FS6044 - Alarm plugin - Out of Sync - causes make to error out, causing other plugins to not be built.
FS7105 - Music LED - While fun to look at for a while, becomes a hassle. It also seems to aid in draining the battery. At least one user has had a seizure from it. Also, for those who didn't notice before, THIS PATCH COULD BE DISABLED BY REMOVING %PM FROM THE WPS!!! (if I could, I'd make it flash )
FS6860 - Battery Status Handling - Bugs
FS6800 - LCD fade - In build
FS7134 - MicroSD support - In SVN
FS6562 - Bubbles - In SVN
FS7178 - Radio Support - In SVN
FS4733 - Multi Font Support - needs custom config file, and without my sansa, I can't test much
FS4760 - RockCalendar - Errors
FS7145 - GPIO Button Driver - closed on tracker, in SVN
FS6908 - Audio fix - closed on tracker
FS6913 - Scrollwheel - Out of date/closed on tracker FS6996 - Scrollwheel Sensitivity - Scrollwheel doesn't function....the patch is too out of sync for it to work
FS7101 - RTC Time/Date - In SVN
[Custom] - HDD LED - Replaced by FS7105. Until an on/off setting is provided, I will keep two separate builds up.
FS5241 - MOD player codec - doesn't compile
FS7138 - Audio API - Random popping

Updates usually are automatically made when there's a change in the Rockbox SVN, though I do occasionally force it to update via (others can use that if needed)

Patches used are linked to above. Log of entire build creation found at Source is available on request.

Patch request
Feel free to let me know, either here or via PM, if you'd like to have a patch added or removed, provided enough people don't mind.

I'm also offering some themes to go along with this build, already added.
For now, I'll have BlackAurora and DockpodAA added, since they both support album art. Both will be seperate from the original build, so you can have the choice of using these or not, to save a little space. Both themes will always to up to date with the original builds, as the themes are simply 'added on'. If anyone would like to have me add other themes, let me know.

Precompiled Themes
If you would like to have a theme added, feel free to request one. Themes are a lot easier to add, since they can be added after the build is compiled, and I therefore can create different copies of the same build, each with different themes. You can still install themes normally, this is just if everyone wants one preadded, other than the default Rockbox one.

Undefined instruction at 4000047C (or similar) during bootup - rename custom_menu.config.default to custom_menu.config (in the .rockbox directory)


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