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Default A mockup of a D2 WS

I got bored last night and started thinking... what if there was a widescreen D2? All small PMPs like the D2, clix2, m6, ipod nano etc have 320x240 pixel screens - why are none of them widescreen 425x240?? There really aren't many 4:3 shows left, only 20 min TV series' mostly and even those are starting to go 16:9... The numbers speak for themselves: 320 pixels on the D2 = 52 mm. Increasing the resolution to 425 length wise means going up 17 mm to 6,9 mm, not a big size difference. The difference however is when you watch video: you could still have 320x240 videos and not loose and resolution, but 16:9 videos increase
from 51200 to 10200 pixels, almost a doubling of active pixels. Thats not a small increase, and would definately make it more useful, at least in my book.
Point of this thread? None really, but hey, maybe Cowon sees it and realizes the potential in this idea - as there really aren't any competitors except the p2/ipod touch, but those aren't cheap.

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