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Default a quick question about music organization

yes thats right, im back. i havnt gotten a D2 yet, but im saving up (gotta pay rent and get food first and foremost though)...(i also just got a job, so that helps).

ok, music organization...this is really important, and it was a thought that came up when reading about it...if the D2 passes this test, ill prob get one in about 2 weeks barring my car/house doesnt explode.

on my computer, i have all my music organized into different folders. in winamp (my preferred music player) i can then sort this music on to different playlists. so i might have my sleep music and my chill music. my chill music is my sleep music with a lot more, slightly more upbeat music added as well(stuff i couldnt sleep too...duh).

naturally, this music is on 2 playlists, but it is only on my computer as an mp3 one time.

from my understanding, the D2 functions mostly on a folder based organization. now the way i read this is, you can go into a folder and play all the music in it, shuffle it, whatever....but that would mean, if i want 2 different play lists, but i want the same song on both play lists, id have to have the song on the D2 twice(once in both folders).

is this accurate? or is more like winamp, and i can make playlists, and i can jump around my music with out having to have the music on the player multiple times.....also...

so now that ive got a job..two actually. ive started to save for my cowon pretty excited really. so much, for so little price! and then my room mate brought up an interesting point...the A2...bigger screen, LOTS more space, and not much more (about 90 bucks for 30 gb instead of 4, and the screen is 4 inches instead of 2.5).........(btw, can you read subtitles on the D2?)

so i started to research the A2 and it seems super interesting...i was hoping to hear the opinion of dfkt (im sorry if i typoed that). im aware your in love with the D2 for the most part. sure, it has some problems...but you boast it everywhere ive seen you post. whats the A2 battery life like?

further more, the A3 is coming out later this year...and then i found out it can play MKV and OGM and i then had to change my pants cause that is just wow. those 2 file types are epic. a huge majority of my files currently are OGM or MKV(and avi, which it still supports). does anyone know when this is coming out? ive heard it will be 300 dollars about, and it seems like an amazing player!

i just dont know what to do =[ if you would, describe what each player is best used for (like for example, using OS "windows is better for a gamer while mac is better for a 3D developer" kinda thing...the more detailed the better if you wouldnt mind =]

wow, i typed a lot, sorry...i just kinda ranted as me and my room mate were discussing it.
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