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Originally Posted by reineke View Post
I understand all new Cowon players (D2,O2,A3) support bookmarks. Is bookmarking/playing where you left off a pain? How does it work?
There are two seperate features here: bookmarks and resume. Resume is where you turn the player off and then when you start it again it picks up where it left off. A few players do this. Most don't. The D2 does a very reliable job of this.

Bookmarks let you set a place to return to. I usually set a bookmark at a spot where a lot of new characters are introduced in an audiobook so I can come back and re-listen to that if I have to. I also use bookmarks to backup the resume in case I somehow lose my place. Resume is reliable but sometimes I'll mess up. The D2 lets you set a lot of bookmarks. I don't recall how many but it's more than I've ever needed.

Another use for bookmarks is when I'm listening in bed and I worry that I might fall asleep. I set a bookmark every little while and if I fall asleep the last bookmark is a little before I fell asleep. This works fairly well.

Another important feature is that when you do lose your place, or if you want to go back and re-listen to something and you don't have a bookmark, you be able to move around in large files real fast. With most players that means that fast forward and rewind have to accellerate. The D2 lets you do that with the touch screen instead. Personally I prefer accelleration and the D2 doesn't have that but the method it does have works real well. It's just that I'm used to doing it the other way.

I listen a lot to audiobooks and the D2 is a good player for them. Some other good ones are the Creative Zen and the Sansa Fuze and Sansa Clip. Each of these deal with the problems of audiobooks in their own way and they all do a good job with them.

Most players aren't very good for audiobooks. The ones above are and so are a few others. If you get one of these you'll be happy with it.

I think the easiest to use for audiobooks is the Zen. It's small and light and it's interface is as good as they get. It's resume isn't as reliable as the others but you can back that up with bookmarks so that isn't much of a problem. Acceleration with fast forward and rewind is just about perfect.

The Sansas are also easy to use but a bit less flexible. They probably have the most reliable resume but they don't have bookmarks. They have fast accelleration, also, sometimes too fast so I have to be careful with it.

The D2 has a very reliable resume also and it has bookmarks and every other feature you can imagine. It's the best made player of the bunch and has the most solid and luxurious feel. It's really hard to pick just one one.

I'm not sure which of these I prefer. That changes from book to book. I like rotating among the players. I usually prefer the one I'm using at the time.

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