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Question What's your experience like with your player so far?

Hi, I want to get a new MP3 player, and a few have caught my eye.
The Sansa e280 (8GB) (and you can add memory with an SD card ), the Creative Zen V Plus, I really wanted the 8GB version but seing that it won't be released in europe for several months, if it ever will be (I was told by Creative), this one is out of the picture , although it was the most interesting one.
Then there is the Toshiba Gigabeat S 30GB.
I really wanted to get a flash based MP3 player as there is no skipping when I am in the gym, but to fit all my music in to it, I will have to rip my music in a lower bitrate which doesn't sound good to me as I like my music good quality.
I currently have a pair of Sennheiser CX 300 earphones and I would like a player which can match the sound of them.
I have heard that hard drive players generally sound better that flash players, could somebody confirm this please?
I was looking at different hard drive players as they have a lot more space, and even though the reviews say that the sound isn't exellent on the Gigabeat S, it still seems to be the best hard drive player around (I HATE THE F'IN IPOD! I HATE IPEOPLE!), this is the total opposite to an iPod, and that is a very good thing I think.
I don't really want a player that is too thick either as it will be a bit tight in the pocket.
To me the Gigabeat S looks a lot more interesting than the Zune, but should I wait for the Zune instead?
If you could please tell me about your good/bad experiences with your Gigabeat S it would be much appreciated as it will help me a lot on the way to buy a new player.
It just looks so easy to use. I won't be using the video that much so it's not really that important to me, I will use it for music, radio and pictures mostly.
All the music I have is ripped from CD's using Lame (MP3) and WMP (WMA).
Also, is there any good hard drive player out there which supports folder browsing?
Thanks for having the patience and reading through my long post.
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