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Old 10-29-2007, 09:33 PM
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Default Insignia sport sound quality impressions / first thoughts

Ok well I have not messed around with the sport long enough yet top give a full review, but have listened to a few albums on it. I really wanted to like this player, but sound quality is sub par for the price range. (as is the LCD)

Any how, these are my thoughts so far, the blue tooth is untested at this time. Headphone jack location is in a bad place in relation to the navigation wheel. (eg: you will block the headphone port in most cases). The LCD is not horrible, but the colors are under saturated and the resolution is low for a modern dap that advertises video playback.

The most important part of a dap is music playback in my opinion. I have tested this unit with my standard HD-485 headphones from sennheiser. One nice thing about the sport and the pilot is that they support a lossless codec, so this is what used. The files were converted from flac to 24bit 44khz wma lossless. Also i tried MP3 playback guessing that the processor might not be able to take the load. Well first off the songs i tried did sound better in lossless so the processor seemed to handle it, though MP3 audio really suffered. Even at 320 kbps I could hear compression artifacts in the audio. Most of the other players i have tested seem to have transparency around 192k.

Song: Death Cab for Cutie Brothers on a Hotel Bed

Even with equalizer tweaking this song sounded horribly hollow without over driving the dac. When i did get some bass reospe out of the player, their was either distortion or the volume was weak (under driving). The highs sounded either way to harsh or really muddy.

Song: Bach - BMW 1007

the highs were incredibly muddy and the response curve seemed loose. Also room acoustics were lost in playback that I could clearly hear on the sony s600.

Song:Bach - BMW 1053

With some careful tweaking, i got this song to sound ok but lacking its initial passion.

In the end, other than what might be ok blue tooth support, i can recommend one player that is the same price and one that is cheaper with excellent sound quality. That would be the sansa clip and the sony s600.

If you are looking for wired audio quality, i would stay away... that said I wounder how the pilot is as the NS-DV didn't sound half bad.
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