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Default How to open the NS-2V17.

Thank-you. Lost my old NS-DV4G, bought a few used 2V17's from ebay, but batteries getting tired. Peeling off the plastic solved it
aarons510 How to open the NS-2V17.
Now that I've managed to work it out for myself, I'm posting the following for others who may be looking for an answer. The particular player I opened is the NS-2V17r (r for Rhapsody?), but it probably applies to all variants of the NS-2V17 and NS-4V17 models.
The screws that hold these players together are each covered by a piece of plastic that's square at one end and semi-circular at the other. They can be pried off with a knife point or small flat screwdriver (although two of the ones on a used player I have did not come off and I just punctured them). Once the screw at the top of the battery cover is removed, the cover (with the battery glued to it) can be lifted off pretty easily by lifting the flanges at the sides of the top. Once the top of the cover is lifted away from the body, the cover pulls out easily.
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