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Old 09-28-2011, 06:53 PM
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Default Help picking a device from lack of information when googling for info.

Well that certainly was a descriptive title thread.

Anyways, I've come here to ask for information to plan out a purchase of an MP3 player suited to my needs and on advice of said purchase.

I'll just follow the forum guidelines here:
  • Location: USA, Internet buy from trusted source (amazon, etc) is fine.
  • Budget: $150~$300
  • Use: What is the main intended use? Mainly music listening when commuting to college/work in car and by walking, but with other options such as video, email, and gaming when waiting for classes to start or waiting for a meeting or something.
  • Type/Design: PMP
  • Features: Music playlisting, video, games, internet
  • Display: Display, over 2" under 5" screen size
  • UI/Controls: Don't care if touch or not. Would prefer actual stop/play, skip buttons, and a lock/hold system.
Space: 32GB flash or higher (SD cards are acceptable)
OS: No preference
Browser: No preference
Durability: Something that will last at least 3 years with care (I do not drop my devices and am very careful with them, I am willing to get a case for the device if needed and they aren't outlandishly expensive).
Battery Life: At least 30 hours of audio w/o Wifi on. Maybe 8 hours with it on and 8 hours of gaming.

I DO NOT want a device that has me being forced to pay monthly fees for voice or 3G data usage.

Let me emphasize music rating system and playlists... I use them all the time.

I watch and play a lot of video games and watch a lot of anime and am really strict about keeping Original Soundtracks by themselves. I also rate all of my music on a five-star basis and they go into different playlists based on that rating. I had over 300 playlists most of which are all different anime series and video games. (I.E. Breath of Fire III, Persona 3, Persona 4, Clannad, etc.)

I used to have an iPod Nano 3g and loved that thing until the battery died and I screwed up replacing it by soldering the motherboard on that thing in twain. Plus my music library is over 8GBs now.

I have check into the following devices but am unsure of what to buy or other alternatives:
iPod Touch 4/5g (been holding off my on my decision until the new iPod line comes up, but it appears that there won't be any big changes, the apps interest me, plus the possibility of being able to toss my cellphone away because of the texting app and I'm almost always in a wifi area, but the thinness of this device is pretty bad.)
iPod Classic (Love them, except for one thing... hard drive failures up the ying-yang.)
Archos 43 (the resistive touch screen, bad reviews, and lack(ing) of access to the Android store kind of drove me away from this, but I'm still interested)
Cowon J3 (The bad reviews on the complexity of the user interface drove me away on this, but the audio quality is keeping me interested, but no appstore, gaming, internet , still a possibility though)
The Sansa Fuse thingy (I didn't really look into this much, really bad reviews drove me away quickly)

I've looked at some Android Phones, but those are PHONES... I don't want to be whipped into buying contracts.

Some other things to consider...

Rating music on iTunes doesn't carry over to the ratings on Windows Media Player or other music players (I think)
Texting capability? That would be cool even though I wouldn't use it much.
Angry Birds on Android stores are ad-free while on iTunes they are not? What the fuck Apple?
I love Amazon.

I've spent the last four weeks trying to find some information and looking for better options suited to my needs but have been unable to find anything that fit the bill to a tee).

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