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I'm with you brother! My primary focus when choosing a player is whether it has rating support (see my previous posts to see my incessant bi**hing and moaning about "song rating support").

My current player, and the one I would recommend is the Sansa Clip Zip (their newest player in the Clip line).

To rate a song you click the Menu button (which is also the Down button), click it again (to go down in the list), click Select, click Left or Right (Previous and Next) to choose how many stars you want to assign to the song, then click Select one more time to save the rating. At that point you can either just wait for the player to automatically go back to the Now Playing screen or click the Back button to do it faster.

The next time you rate a song you only need to press the Menu/Down button once as "Song Rating" will already be selected in the list. You can do all button presses without looking and since the player is decent quality and the buttons are tactile you can be relatively certain it will work correctly.

I sync using J. River Media Center. It's a decent program but they're definitely one of those companies that seem to release a "new" version every six months or so, seemingly just to collect more money.

I have also used and like my Creative Zen X-Fi because of its rating support and sync-ability. On the other hand the X-Fi 2 (and X-Fi 3?) are touchscreen so you will loose the ability to confidently rate without looking. I also own an X-Fi "Style" (I think that's what it's called) and for some stupid fu**ing reason it doesn't sync with J. River Media Center. (Or it didn't last time I tried, perhaps this has been fixed in a firmware update or something.)

The Sansa Fuze and Fuze+ will also rate and sync easily (the Fuze actually allows you to do it with one less button press) but the Fuze+ is touch based (crap) and the regular Fuze is hit and miss (I've had a few, some of the wheels click nicely, some barely click at all. This makes it hard to accurately rate without looking.)

I'll check back soon, lemme know if you have any questions...
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