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Default So what's up with my Zune 30?

Nooby post is nooby. :P

So about a week ag o I did my usual things, and I had a few songs I wanted to add to my Zune 30. Nothing odd, new, or different. Hook it up, let Windows install the driver, and since it's taking a little while I decided I was going to eat something.

Did that, did something else, and came back about an hour later. Unplug the USB part of the cord and plug it back in so I don't have to restart my PC, and my Zune's not on. Odd... pressed a button, and it acted as if it reset and brought up the logo, as well as the loading bar. Loading bar goes all the way to the right, then the Zune repeats this. Unplugged the Zune from my PC, and it just flashes the logo without bringing up the loading bar, as if it's loaded for a second, then resets. It did this for a bit, then I plugged it back in. Now if I unplug it, it doesn't cycle for as long; only once.

I'm pretty sure the battery was completely full since I had just charged it up overnight like usual, but I didn't actually look, and it was working just fine before I installed the device driver on this PC. I have it plugged in, and while it's doing that cycle, I can hear it wirring.

I let it stay off the charger all night and when moving the lock button, it would show the low battery screen, so I plugged it back in. Still not working. I'm also convinced the battery is fine because it's never acted up, nor has the battery life decreased; I also opened up the Zune (done it before), took the battery out, and plugged the Zune into a USB port and it still didn't work.

I tried Google, but I found mixed answers, and nothing quite like what I've had happen. I THOUGHT it was the motherboard, but now I'm not sure. I've also never had a problem with it except for that Dec 31 clock glitch.
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