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Old 11-01-2016, 03:59 PM
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My thoughts;

1) If u continually use a long 3.5mm cable to connect into yer laptop and pull out, repeat over and over, don't be surprised if yer jack socket in the laptop breaks and fails. Long cables can actually give quite alot of strain on the port, especially if readjusting the laptop position whilst it drags the cable about. Constant reinsertions take their toll too, I'm speaking from experience here having had to have the 3.5mm port replaced on an old laptop many years ago, but I was doing a very similar thing. I guess on some laptops there is not always enough due care given to the robustness of the headphone jack, many manufacturers thinking it will be something seldom used, maybe todays standards of build are better than my experience 5-10yrs ago..

2) My wife uses one of these;

It says $49AUD, but I actually picked up ours in a sale for $25AUD, so if u hunt around you may be able to pick one of these suckers up cheap your way.
I have owned several Bluetooth speakers over the years, some ranging from $330AUD right down to this price range, and I have to say this little fella is pretty decent, especially at sale price! It's not going to blow u away for movies etc, but if you just want to have louder volumes with more quality, some extra bass and remove that 'tinny' sound that laptops and phones have, this is the way to go about it on a budget. My wife constantly uses it, pairing it between her phone and laptop, she loves it.

A word of warning. With videos and bluetooth there used to be a delay in sync, that is the audio stream fell behind the video, but I'm led to believe that today it's not like that, perhaps it needs to be bluetooth v4.0 or something... I don't know as it's not something I ever did, when i did bluetooth streaming I used it for music and radio, never visual.
But even that little player has a 3.5mm jack and a usb port, might even be able to communicate via usb port as well... I dunno... haven't tested, but can do further testing if you think yer interested?
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