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Default Has Sony Gotten The Kinks Out Yet?

My Walkman NWZ-E354 just croaked.

I hated the damn thing! It had great sound; and was easy to use; and quite tough.....but it had so many annoying quirks, that I said I'd NEVER buy another Sony.... Unless, perhaps they got their act together.

Specifically, some of the quirks this player had:

* If it was off for more than 24 hours, it wouldn't remember where you were- you'd have to start all over again from scratch; Ditto any time you plugged it in (Wall or computer) to charge.

* If while using it, you accidentally touched any button(s), it would somehow always end up playing the song you were on, over and over!

* There were few things you could do on it "blind".

* If adjusted the volume, or fast-forwarded, or touched the controls in any way, the screen would come on.

* Connectivity issues when trying to connect to the PC.

* GROSSLY exaggerated battery life claims! (I realize all manufacturers do that- but usually by about 40-50%- as opposed to 80%!)

Are the above issues universal with Sony players, or was it just this model or Sony's of that vintage (it was 4 years old)?

In a way, I'd like to get another Walkman as my back-up/outdoor player, because of the good sound; small size; and durability...but I WILL NOT endure those issues again. (Don't want to use my Cowon for dirty-work; and the Clip Zip I just bought leaves something to be desired in sound quality and battery life, of course.)

Do current models have these issues?

I dunno- other than my Cowon X9, I'm not seeing many good DAPs out there lately which have the features I want (Tactile controls; long battery run-time; good SQ)
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