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Old 06-13-2013, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeven View Post
It's because that player is uncommon _ I don't think I've seen anyone with it on here. Same goes for the Cowon android players, not many people have them.

The only android players that people seem to have on here are the Samsung Galaxy series because they've been around for a while in various iterations and are quite inexpensive.

For some time now - in Europe - one has been able to get a better phone (for the same money), and unlocked, instead of paying for a non-cellular android pmp. I think this is changing in North America now too.

When the Sony Store near me was closing down, I was able to get a pair of its xba-2 iems for 50 (down from 199) but they still wanted over 200 for either a Z or the newer F Walkman android players. I could have bought 2 phones for that kind of money - each better than the Sony in specs.
They should still give it s sub-forum. im loving my Sony F806. Coming from a previous Cowon J3 owner thats pretty impressive.
ipod should be called icrap
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