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Old 12-27-2009, 06:15 PM
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Default Will the yp-k3 automatically start playing music after being connected to a computer?

Title pretty much sums it up.

This is gonna sound weird. I have a screenless and buttonless k3, the only thing left are the nice green plate, the battery, the power/hold button and the audio jack. When I turn it on, it still plays music. It's kinda like an Ipod-shuffle now.

The part between the red lines is useless info. If you feel like reading a really cool story, read it. If you're in a rush, feel free to skip it
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________
When I was on vacation last summer my yp-k3 was in my backpack. Unfortunately, there was a bottle of coke in there too. The cap of that bottle was busted, so basically, my k3 drowned in coke.
When I tried to turn it on again nothing happened. I dried it, tried again, still nothing. I thought all life was washed clean out of it, so I threw it in a corner somewhere in my room.

Last week, I was bored. I noticed the busted k3 and tried to start it up but no response. I pried it open, just for fun. I got the whole inside out of the black case and was just playing around with it for a bit. Then I connected the audio jack to my headphones. WTF ZOMG OMG BBQ MUSIC!
Not-useless info starts here

So, basically, only the screen and buttons were broken. When a k3 is turned on it starts playing automatically. But does it the same thing after being connected to a pc? I know it does after being charged at the wall, but I know players sometimes act differently after being plugged into a computer. I don't dare to try it out, because maybe I'll mess up my übercool Ipod Samsung Shuffle. Could anyone please try it out with their k3? (unfortunately, I can't check my firmware... It's EU and 2,5 years old, never updated. I'm not sure if that points towards one particular firmware, I hope it does...)

Ow, this might not have been clear. I want to know this because I can't use the buttons. If it starts paused after connecting it to a pc, the whole thing becomes useless.
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