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Wink Surviving P3s

Hey, long time no post (probably around six months or so...)!

I just thought with all of the "HELP MY P3 IS DEAD!" threads I should start up a thread that is dedicated to those who have surviving P3s. I will update the list of people who have their P3s functioning without too much hassle (even a gimpy P3 is an "alive" P3) regularly.

Please state:
Your username
Date you bought/received P3
Condition (fully functioning, some dead spots but overall fine, barely "alive", etc)

Heck, even if your P3 has died and been sent to the great recycling bin in the sky, just tell in what way your P3 died. It'll be fun.
Crimson Raven: 5/10/09, Extremely minor scratch, fully working condition
Carsten: 6/11/09, Fully working condition
The One: 12/24/09, Minor dings, fully working condition
MaxO: 6/??/09, Fully working condition
Blankety Blank: 7/31/09, Fully working condition
Electron: 8/??/09, Replaced screen, battery giving, working condition
YPP3Fanatic: 1/??/09, Few scratches, fully working condition
Yazad: 12/23/09, Fully working condition
Lyunmet: 7/??/09, Near-dead condition
Archy4444: 1/??/10, Fully working condition
Vegetaleb: ??/??/09, Minor scratches, needs calibration, working condition
Pgh1969pa: 10/??/09, Fully working condition
Homework: 10/5/09, Near-dead condition
Strontium Wizzard: 5/23/09, Backlight dead, working condition
DragonBottles: 10/1/09, Sent in once for repair, working condition
Tomcat39: 3/??/09, Fully working condition
Trunkin: 10/23/10, Fully working condition
Rangel28: 8/27/09, Fully working condition
RaduSpeedy: 3/16/09, Fully working condition
Jothie: 6/??/09, Starting to die, working condition
Elnio: 4/18/10, Fully working condition
Mr_Hym: 2/27/10, Fully working condition
Shqiponja_Hayabusa: ??/??/10, Fully working condition
Rrr666: 1/??/10, Fully working condition
BramDB: 12/25/10, Fully working condition
It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right.

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