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Originally Posted by halloweenprince View Post
I got delayed by Dell, should I call them and complain? they said I would get in by August 5 but now they make it to august 15. should I cancel my order? I am losing my patience.
It's a rough go I know. I'd say complaining will only do you good if you've been delayed more than twice. One time is just a way of life and could be due to multiple factors but after 2 delays I think your mildly justified in letting them know that they should revise their "estimated shipping" parameters for special ticket items (like the P3) of course all you could really get out of it is maybe a $25 dollar credit (one other user on ABI got that) but I'm not sure how far it'll get you. Otherwise if your really strapped for patience, just cancel your order and order from B&H. I hear they're super quick.

Originally Posted by liluoke View Post
me too, i've been delayed three times now, all the way to august 18th; i ordered june 15th. but another place to get it costs like 200, a whole 30 bucks more, i'd rather wait and put it into buying better headphones i think..

arghh.................. i totally feel your pain guys. let's flame dell together!! aha ordered June 15th?!!?! I ordered on the 12th of July and mine is shipping. I think you should definately give dell a call and ask them what the hell they're doing. Since the 15th I've seen every model of the P3 come into and out of stock on Dell (for about 3 weeks I was checking daily ) so I think they definately deserve a good tounge lashing. After 3 delays I think you are more than justified.
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