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Default P2 vs T10 re Master EQ and Bluetooth

Hi folks,

Great group with wonderful posters. I am completely new to this but somehow managed to follow directions to switch from MTP to UMS with lyrics to be my next feat.

I recently switched from the T10 to the P2 because CC has the P2 on sale making it only $50 or so more bucks than the T10.

I figured the P2s darling status, touch and larger screen was work the extra money. I figured the inside of the T10 and P2 are the same, so I won't be losing any functionality. But, now that I play around with the P2 I don't know if that is true.

On my T10 with the latest firmware (and even before I think) I was able to control the Master EQ settings even when using bluetooth headphones. The DNSe settings were not available, but basic tweaking could be done to the Master EQ settings (accessed through the settings menu, not by pressing menu when the player is in now playing mode...hope that makes sense)

I am using Samsung primarily for the bluetooth features and as you know BT sound is compromised to begin with, but the ability to tweat the Master EQ when in bluetooth mode is a real bonus and is making me rethink my decision to switch to the P2. The Bluetooth sound without the master eq tweaks on the P2 is definitely worse than it was on the T10.

Anyone know if I am missing something on the P2 and it that it is possible to control Master EQ settings, and if not, any idea why this functionality is different between the two models? And finally, does Samsung know about this difference and are there plans to fix it?

Thanks for the help with everything and sorry if there is a post on this, but the search kept ignoring EQ in my search string so I might have missed something obvious.

BS (Zappa, yes)
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