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Default Mac and Linux firmware updating

As a mac user, I don't think the process(es) that Sandisk has provided avenues for those of us that don't drink the Redmond Kool-Aide.

One of the reasons that I chose the e270 was that I could load it without having to subscribe to any particular application (Windows OR Mac - WMP OR iTunes). It was bad enough that the EXE had to be dissected to get the firmware out of it.

Now, to have say "if you dont run the Windows updater, you won't get new firmware" is a very bad path to start down. Having to rely on someone on a forum to redistribute the firmware, in possible violation of the use policy is not a viable solution.

It is also not useful for moderators to dismiss the concerns of a portion of the userbase as trivial with just "get a buddy or spend $120+ (and a few hundred megs of harddisk space) for a Windows emulator for your mac"... That's irresponsible and impolite. It's like ME saying "I've never had any popping or channel fading, get a new player and quit whining..."

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