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Old 05-01-2008, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by maery View Post
I don't mean to seem dense or silly, but I'm still a little baffled about playlists. I know how to add tracks to playlists on my P2, but other then that, I'm stumpted. I can't even figure out how to make them in Samsung Media Studio, let alone tranfer them to the P2.

In fact, alot of Samsung Media Studio seem counter intuitive to me. I've had trouble making folders or adding things to specific folders in the past. Is there a thread that could help me figure out how to use the software more effectively? Or can anyone recommend a better program?

Thanks in advance!

well i can help you with samsung media studio (SMS)... so in SMS to make playlists, click on the playlist button on the top.. you know where it says computer, Store etc (all those flashy buttons)... it says playlists over there too... so click over there... then make a new playlist by clicking a button on the bottom right of the screen.... then you can add songs and it will let you transfer everything.... thatz how u do it.... if you have more questiosn about SMS, either PM or just ask them over here, i can help you..

PS--> people don't like SMS and use other programs... well i have never had problems with SMS so i still use it.... other ppl might be able to recommend a better program if you don't like SMS
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