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I would manually setup the mount point, as perhaps that will clean things up.

Assuming you can mount the Sansa, right click and hit properties, Volume tab and click on the settings box (lower left side). Then, under "Mount Point", create a new name i.e. "Sansa E250" (no quotes) - this folder will be created under /media at the next connect. btw, if this makes things worse, run "gconf-editor" and under system > storage > volumes > whatever your Sansa storage is, delete the mount_point value entirely (that will get you back to where you were, before).

Lastly, assuming you can mount / unmount with this new volume name with no issues, I would go into /media and cleanup any folders not needed via a sudo command (I'm thinking this "Sansa040e250" directory is stuck in there).

Cheers, Brian
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