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Originally Posted by rickysio View Post
Actually it only wins the J3 in low end frequency response... J3 wins, sometimes massively (as according to the RMAA for the SE530), for the rest.
The Clip+ and Hifiman tests with the SE530 were made with low output volume, just to check frequency response and crosstalk - the other results are worse due to the low volume. Back then I tested a range of multi-armature IEMs with the Clip+ and Hifiman - and I didn't want to blast the test signal at full volume through my UE11, SM3, etc. Thus the worse SNR and dynamic range. It is indicated in the RMAA graphs, but it's a bit confusing. So the J3 and Clip+ are basically the same in most aspects, except that the Clip+ drives any phone with a linear frequency response. The 16 Ohm test has both the Clip and J3 at the same volume level and is a bit more indicative overall.

In the meantime I decided to sacrifice the SE530 for the good cause, and started making RMAA tests at full volume with them. The Sony A845 test with the SE530 was made at full volume as well, contrary to the Clip and Hifiman - shows that it's a not so great effort in comparison.
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