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Default Cowon J3 RMAA Tests

The J3 is basically the same as any other Cowon player, concerning RMAA measurements - the same bass roll-off with low-impedance phones as always, but nothing to complain about. Same as the O2 and V5 in listening tests, the J3 has no hiss at all reasonable volume levels, even with very sensitive phones. It's slightly better than the S9 and much better than eg. the D2 in that aspect.

With difficult to drive multi-armature phones it performs very well (due to its low output impedance) - with those kinds of phones it technically beats players like the Sony A845 and Hifiman HM-801, only to be bested by the Sansa Clip/Clip+ in frequency response. In reality, only the A845 couldn't properly drive those phones according to my listening tests, all other players perform basically the same.

RMAA - Cowon J3 Loads vs Clip+
RMAA - 16 Ohm - Cowon, J3, S9, D2, i9
RMAA - 32 Ohm Multi-Armature - Cowon J3, Sansa Clip+, Sony A845, Hifiman HM-801 (Different volume levels - only frequency response and crosstalk are relevant in this test!)
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