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Old 02-22-2009, 07:56 AM
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Default Request Help: Amarok, Rockboxed Sansa e250R, and Album Cover Art

Hi folks,

I am a relative Linux newb running Ubuntu 8.04, and am trying to find a way (preferrably elegant, but ugly is fine at this point too :-) ) to transfer my album cover art to my Sansa e250R using AmaroK 1.4.

I currently have all of the album art stored in their respective album folders, as 100x100 cover.bmp files on the PC.

I believe it is possible to get AmaroK to transfer cover art along with music by writing a script to do this...however my programming skills are just not to that point yet apparently (I think the last program I wrote was a 'hello world' program in commodore basic 20+ years ago). Through searches in various places I've come across a couple scripts that appear to be close, including one that purports to do what I want...however I haven't been able to get it to work. I've tried posting a request for help on the Rockbox forums, but as this is really an Amarok issue I was asked to get help elsewhere and post back with successful results. My request for help on the AmaroK forums hasn't generated any useful response in a week. I'm hoping the ABI community might be able and willing to come to my rescue!

As of right now, I am trying to work with find and cpio in bash to come up with something that will at least copy my art to the player. My problem there is that my file system on the player and the PC don't quite match (some CD's on the PC were ripped with windows, and are filed under 'various artists' where appropriate, but everything loaded on the Sansa via amarok is filed strictly artist/album format. The other problem with where i am in this option is that it will store ALL of my album art on the player all the time, even for albums that aren't on there. this appears as though it will take up about 45MB of space...not a deal breaker, but not great either, considering a total storage of 6GB

I think my next step may be to use easytag to re-file all of my music on the PC in strict artist/album format, unless someone can help me find a better way!

I would appreciate any input on how better to accomplish my goal, or a point in the right direction on how to get it done!


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