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Smile I love my Rockboxed Fuze+

The Fuze+ gets a lot of bad rap around here, but I took a gamble and pulled the trigger on a refurbished 16 GB Fuze+ on eBay, for just €40. I didn't even bother with the original firmware, I immediately installed the latest Rockbox build.

I understand why some people would hate the touchpad, but it's not nearly as bad as what I've read on this board. With Rockbox at least, it's responsive, and even convenient at times; I love that the bottom left and right corners act as page up / down buttons, allowing for fast scrolling when browsing through a large collection. Yes, you have to look at the DAP in order to interact with it, but the same goes for all touchscreen DAPs, so I don't really get what the big deal is.

I find the portrait mode screen to be very convenient and most appropriate on a DAP: cover art can be displayed full screen, with metadata beneath it. I made myself a custom theme (grayfog) that looks like this:

The portrait orientation of the screen also makes it possible to display a lot more lines than with other DAPs, like the iPod Classic (and obviously, the Clip+). My Fuze+ can display about 22 lines, with the current font that I use (14-Nimbus).

I've also read complaints that the Fuze+ is too big: that's largely exagerated as well (no pun intended). Obviously it is larger than the Clip+, but it's still smaller than the iPod Classic, and I've never heard any complaints that the iPod is too big.

Sound quality-wise, I think it sounds just as good as my Clip+ and my iPod Classic, with one caveat: I hear a faint hiss with my Shure SE425 IEMs (not with my Denon headphones), but I don't hear it when music is playing. It's not as annoying as my Clip's "CPU noise" (as reported on the Rockbox website), which I hear between track changes. The iPod Classic wins there, as it is completely silent in all circumstances (even with my Shures).

I've run RMAA on it, and it measures pretty well (loaded, unloaded). Its output impedance is just 0.9Ω, very decent.

All in all, I think it's a sexy and convenient DAP that mostly suits my needs and tastes. I don't think it's fair to systematically dismiss it; prospecting customers just need to be well informed about it.

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