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Default Cheap substitute for my rockboxed sansa e200

Once I was a happy guy, I had my sansa e200 with rockbox on it and all my music played fine.

Then happened a bad fact: I ruined from my bike on the jewel and I destroyed its lcd. Now I'm happy no more

To become happy again, I need a new player so I thought to stick with sandisk. Their last "full" player is fuze+ as I see. It has many nice features, and most important to me are:

- supports vorbis (via original firmware or rockbox)
- it is rockbox friendly
- it has a microsdhc slot
- it is desiderable that it has a good sound quality
- cheap plz, I like the fuze+ because I can find a refurbished one for 40 euros on ebay.

I read on the forum that the interface and the touch device are laggy or badly designed, but I wish to ask to people who already has the fuze+ if they are happy with their purchase or if they would screw it as soon as possibile.

I'm open to other brands and models too.

Thank you!

A sad guy who lost his e200
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