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Help New Fuze+ or 32GB SDHC for e280?

Looking for opinions. What would you do?

I have a 4 year old Rockboxed Sansa e280 with a 16GB Micro SDHC card. It still works great and I am completely happy with it except that now I need more storage capacity.

For the same money I can get a 32GB memory card for the e280 giving me 40GB total with an interface I am happy with or get a 16GB Fuze+ and move my 16GB card to it for a total of 32GB with the touch interface and the e280 left over to use for something else.

I don't really need two players. I could use the old player as a permanent car player, but I don't listen to music while driving that often.

I'd get more total memory for my money right now if I buy the 32GB card, so theoretically I could wait longer before I would have to expand again. That is, unless the e280 breaks down before I run out of space. But by then maybe the Fuze+ or some other player will be a better value then it is now and I could just drop my 32GB card into it for less than if I buy a Fuze+ now and 32GB card for it later on, or will the price of the 32GB card drop faster than the Fuze+?

You see, my logic is going in around in circles.

So, I think the important question is, which player would you be happier with and why?
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